3 Stretches That Worsen Low Back Pain 95% of people do

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Exercise is required to reduce low back pain but one must know which ones are beneficial and which ones may worsen the condition. Any type of mild uneasiness felt at the beginning of exercising should disappear as the muscles become stronger. But if the pain is severe and lasts for over fifteen minutes during the exercise, the patient must immediately contact a physician.

While regular exercise is undoubtedly imperative for reducing low back pain, certain types of stretches may put pressure on the wrong muscles and might even increase the agony.

As a general rule, always ensure that you’ve spoken to your doctor prior to starting an intensive workout plan. Listed below are three stretches that most people suffering from low back pain do but which worsen the pain. Read on to no longer be oblivious to what is important for your


Although sit-ups tend to strengthen the core (abdominal muscles), generally, people use muscles in the hips area while doing sit-ups which can even put a great amount of pressure on the discs in one’s spine. Moreover, only 20 percent of one’s abdominal muscles receive the impact of sit-ups.
Repetitively lying flat and sitting upright puts strain on the spine, typically if the core is weak. Also, sit-ups are hard on the back as they push the (curved) spine against the floor when you flex your low back and engage your hip flexors. So basically, doing sit-ups reinforce the flexing of the lumbar spine (low back). When you bend your low back, you set yourself up for a great amount of pain in the region. Further, persistent flexion at the lumbar spine might cause a disc to bulge out of its socket.

Toe Touches

Toe touches aggravate the intensity of the pain and put a lot of stress on the ligaments and disks in the spine. They could even lead to the overstretching of the hamstrings (five tendons at the back of a person’s knee) and the low back muscles. Repeatedly touching the toes rounds the spine and puts great pressure on the lumbar curve. The stress on intervertebral discs also increases, thereby leading to their degeneration.

Leg Lifts

Sometimes, leg lifts are suggested as an exercise to strengthen the core (abdominal muscles) which plays an important role in low back health. Exercising restores strength to one’s low back but lifting both the legs together while lying on the back can be very demanding on the core and even cause an injury.
If one is already weak, this exercise can even make the back pain worse. You could, instead, lie on your back by keeping your one leg straight and bending the other leg at the knee. Meanwhile, keep your lower back flat on the floor. Then gently lift the straight leg about six inches upwards, briefly stay in this position and then slowly lower the leg. Repeat this routine ten times and then, switch your legs.

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