6 At Home Movements Anyone Can Do To Reduce Low Back Pain

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Lower back pain can be indeed intimidating. It hampers your potential to do every work. The kind of busy lifestyles we are pursuing can lead to a number of health problems. Usually back pain is associated with lack of exercise, too much forcing on the spine and discomposed position while sleeping or sitting.

Lower back pain exercises you can do at home:

1. Bridges

Bridges are the most common exercise that physicians would recommend. This floor exercise deploys gluteus maximus present in the buttocks. This muscle supports the lower back.

Lie down on your back with knees bent close to your hips. Keep your arms straight. Lift your hips to align them to the shoulders. Hold for 3 seconds and lower your buttocks. Repeat for around 10 to 15 times.

2. Knee To Chest

This exercise is full of fun and activity that can give lower back pain relief . Lie down on your back with your knees bent. With your hands pull the right knee close to your chest. You will feel a slight stretch in your back. Hold for a few seconds and release. Repeat with your left leg. You can perform this exercise 3 times with each leg. This helps elongate your spine and straighten it to release pain, and pump in some blood.

3. Pelvic Tilt

The simplest exercise might help you get rid of the severe pain in your lower back.
When you lie down your back with knees bent, your spine won’t touch the floor because of its curvature. Push your belly outwards to curve your lower back. Hold this position for a few seconds and release. You can repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times.
This will strengthen your core muscles that will provide a tough support to your spine.

4. Planks

Planks help your shoulders, spine, hips and core muscles to get into shape.
Go down on your fours. Now gradually bent your arms with elbows aligned with shoulders and arms pointing forward.
This is the plank position. Your spine, hips, shoulders are all in a straight line.

5. Locust Pose
Also called the superman pose, this exercise to relieve lower back pain can also help reduce weight, strengthen the belly and release all tensions in the back.
Lie down with your face down. Tighten your glutes and lift up your arms, shoulders and legs. Rotate your hands so that your thumbs point upwards. Hold and come back to the starting position.
You can do this 10 times repeatedly.

6. Cat Stretches

Start with you lying on your hands and knees.pull up your belly to arch your back. Keep your head down facing the floor. Relax and begin again. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

It can give a recharge to your body while revitalising the core muscles and initiating movement in locked back.

Try out these fun and easy exercises for lower back pain to pamper your spine. These exercises when done properly can prove to be effective and the best alternative to painkillers.

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