Are Neck Pain And Sinus Pain Related to each other

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Sinus is a problem that is affecting a large population around the world. It is a reaction to times when pollen count in the environment is high. It causes a severe effect on your breathing process, causes severe headaches and also affects your daily routine life.

Sinusitis is characterised by the following symptomes
● Thick nasal discharge
● Problems with nasal breathing due to congestion
● Swelling in eyes and hose,
● Pain in ears
● Nausea
● Pain in jaw and teeth
● Severe headache
● Double vision
Sinusitis can be a chronic condition that needs medical attention. It is important to control the condition before it starts controlling your life.

Sinusitis and neck pain

Neck pain and sinusitis are interrelated conditions that are usually ignored. These both have the same epicentre. A stiff pain and irritation along with sinus mean that you need extra care to handle your body.

Are you suffering from Sphenoid sinusitis ?
A specific condition called the sphenoid sinusitis is characterized by common sinus symptoms along with a severe neck pain.
This is a condition that involves inflammation and sinus infection behind the eyes.
Other symptoms include ear aches and headache either at the back of the head or around the forehead.

Ways to get relief from sinus neck pain at home

Nasal sprays are proven to be effective in clearing blocked nasal passages. This helps reduce sinus pressures on the head and neck.
Drink plenty of water to ensure that your body gets rid of stress and anxiety caused due to sinus neck pains.avoiding caffeinated drinks can help to reduce the signs of sinus.
A good sleep will help you speed up the healing process. Relax your mind and body to recover fast. Sleep will also give rest to your headaches and neck pain.
Vitamin C
This vitamin proves to be magical in treating sinusitis. It helps reduce common cold symptoms and reduces the nasal inflammation. It energizes the body to fight the infection.
Add humidity
Humidifiers would help add some moisture to dry and polluted air. Being indoors would help. Also moisture in air helps reduce the congestion in the nasal passage and helps your breath better.
OTC medication
Over the counter medication can help if other home remedies fail to provide long term relief. Such medication works to soothe the irritation, pain and reduce the sinus pressure.

When to see a doctor?

Sinusitis is a condition that can cause irritation and hamper daily life. It’s important to work on its symptoms to get some relief.
You should see a doctor in case you fail to get some relief after multiple remedies. If it’s been more than 10 days of sinus headaches and pain then it’s time to book an appointment. Though sinusitis may have been with you for a couple of years, you should ignore the severe symptoms. See a doctor for a quick relief. Expert advice is always helpful.

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