Can Neck Pain Cause Dizziness

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Neck pain is usually the outcome of a bad posture while using a desktop or a mobile phone. It is also associated with a lack of movement in neck muscles. Usually neck pain causes a person to
Experience headaches.

But conditions in which neck pain occurs along with dizziness is altogether a different story. This condition is usually termed as cervical vertigo. If you are experiencing a severe neck pain and episodes of dizziness, you are likely to be suffering from this condition.

Causes Of Neck Pain And Dizziness

Neck pain and dizziness are related to each other with a scientific logic. Dizziness is caused due to an injury or trauma to the spinal cord. Neck pain along with dizziness may be due to blocked arteries in the neck. Blocked nerves result in a reduction in flow of blood to the inner ear that is responsible for maintaining the equilibrium of the body. Apart from this, if you have an injury in the muscles and joints of neck, then you are likely to experience dizziness. This is because inflamed muscles block the path of signals that are sent to the brain. This reduces the control on balance of the body. Others factors include, wear and tear of spine, arthritis, slipped disc etc.

Symptoms Of Cervical Vertigo

Along with episodes of neck pain you might feel headache, nausea, loss of balance. You might find it difficult to concentrate on one thing. You may hear ringing sounds and feel pain in the inner ear. Fatigue and weakness are also caused due to neck pain.

Home remedies to feel good

1. Stretching Exercises
A light routine of exercise can reduce the tension in neck muscles. It can also help relieve stress and add some activity to the body. It will help you concentrate and try to maintain balance. It will improve blood circulation and reduce chances of disbalance.
2. Reducing Stress
Indulging in hobbies and listening to light music can help relax muscles and mind. A high energy level can reduce anxiety and improve neck pains.
3. Improving Posture and Balance
sitting , standing, driving and performing physical activities with a check on the posture can eliminate the root cause of neck pain.
4. Eating Healthy
You should have a normal healthy diet to nourish your body with all the nutrients. Hydrating yourself is very important. A lot of water can help reduce stress levels.
5. Rest
Sitting and lying down can help get relief from dizziness. Closing eyes and giving rest to the body can improve your health at a fast pace.
6. No Sudden Movements
Avoid movements that can trigger your pain and dizziness. Try to stay calm and stand or sit down slowly to avoid pain episodes..

You can consult a doctor if you are experiencing dizziness for more than 15 days. Such conditions are treatable. It requires a change in lifestyle and a check on triggers. Changes in habits and relieving stress and significantly help to get relief faster.

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