Can neck pain mean something serious?

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Many people around the world are suffering from neck pain. Neck pain is a kind of ailment that can interfere in our daily lives. It can prevent you from lifting your laptop bag. It can prevent you from playing an outdoor game with your child. It can even compel you to take a leave from your work for a day or two. Such episodes of acute pain certainly need to be attended to. This is a warning sign that indicates that your neck needs some urgent care.

A doctor usually recommends undertaking minor lifestyle changes in addition to medication, exercises and diet. They advise in most general cases to have a check on posture while sleeping, sitting and driving. The more you route pressure to your neck by lifting heavy objects or using a hard pillow, the more you would damage your neck.

Causes of neck pain

1. Muscle strain
Simple muscle strain due to excessive pressure on the neck can also lead to a severe neck pain. This can be treated with home remedies. Certain exercises are advisable in these cases.
2. Whiplash
Sudden jerking of the head may cause injury in the muscles of the neck. This is medically termed as whiplash. This injury leads to a stiff neck resulting in lack of flexibility; you may not be able to turn your head to the sideways.
3. Slipped disc
A gap in the intervertebral column can cause back pain. Your neck pain may be the by product of the slipped disc. In these cases, stretching exercises are highly discouraged. You should immediately see a doctor.
4. Osteoarthritis
This is a condition in which your tissues at the ends of joints wear out. This causes pain in the bones, joint stiffness, neck pain and low back pain. If you are suffering from these symptoms, you may need to get yourself tested for osteoarthritis.

What Measures To Take For Quick Relief From Neck Pain?

There are certain homer remedies that prove to be effective in case of neck pain. These provide an instant yet short term relief from your pain.

1. Hot and cold compress are the most commonly advised remedies. Heating pad or a pack of ice can help relieve the pain.

2. The neck usually gets tight with the muscles being forced too much. This kind of pain can affect even the back and sometimes cause tension headaches. It is advisable to undergo a massage for a full body revitalizing process. It will help relax the muscles and release toxic chemicals.

3. A neck pillow can help you support the neck and get a relief from the pain.

4. Rest can surely help in calming down nerves and muscles in the neck. Have a good sleep for about 3-4 hours. You will definitely feel the change.

You must see an expert for your severe episodes of pain that are becoming worse with exercise.Usually neck pain that is caused due to mechanical defects go away in a week or two.You should consult a doctor if the pain persists for a long time.

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