How Neck Pain Occurs?

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Your neck is the part of your body that supports your head. It is made of your muscles and has multiple bones that absorb shock when you fall or force excessively upon it. This can sometimes lead to a stiff neck, inflexible and tight. It is hard not to look sideways on days you have a stiff neck. It feels heavy, irritating and also becomes a hindrance in your work life.

Neck pain affects almost every fourth person in the United States of America. It is so common an ailment that every adult in his lifetime suffers from this at least once. Neck pain is associated largely with physical day to day habits and is attributed to building influence of technology and lack of check on its use.

What Causes Pain In The Neck?

It is a very general question asked by many of the victims of neck pain. They usually want to know what damage has caused such a severe pain that has hampered their lives.

Trust me, neck pain can become severe if not attended with some care. A prolonged neck pain can affect spine health and also lead to tension headaches. Therefore treating the neck pain in the first occurence is the best way to deal with it. Most common causes of neck are as follows

1. Bad posture
Slouching or bending too much can cause excessive pressure on your neck muscles. Your neck may grow stiff and inflexible. A hard pillow can trouble your neck muscles further. So you should use a neck pillow to support the muscles. Avoid slouching at workstation and try to make adjustments to the chair, desk and computer monitor.
2. Too much pressure on neck
A heavy shoulder bag can lead to a huge pressure on the neck and shoulder. Lifting this everyday is the biggest mistake you do. A lot of weight for a prolonged period can stretch your muscles too much leading to pain, cramps and uneasiness. This is due to production of toxins in the muscles. As a remedy to this, you can use a backpack.
3. Osteoporosis
This condition involves wear and tear of the bones. It is associated with age factor, it usually occurs in knees, and legs but also found in the neck. You can consult a doctor for proper medications
4. Pinched nerve
It is likely that you are suffering from a condition called radiculopathy. Your tip of the spine that lies in the neck gets inflamed that becomes the ultimate cause of your neck pain.

With some things in check, you can prevent further damage to neck muscles, nerves, and help supply it with nutrients, blood, and oxygen necessary for healing. There are certain effective home remedies that work well to fasten the process. These include ice pack compress, hydrotherapy and stretching. Ask your chiropractor for a detailed and 100% accurate advice tailor-made for your personal needs.

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