How to get Relief from Neck Pain

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Finding remedies on the internet may be your first impulsive reaction to any health issue. There are numerous websites offering thousands of remedies that claim instant relief. Believe it not, these remedies might work but no remedy can guarantee a quick relief.

This is due to some obvious reasons
First, your body takes a certain amount of time to heal from an injury, muscle spasm, or nerve inflammation. How small or big may be the injury, your body reacts and takes a considerable amount of time to understand the cause and effect process.

If you are suffering from a severe neck pain, here are some amazing tips to get your body into recovery mode. Let your body understand that it is time to drive away the pain and start the healing process

1. Relax Your Neck And Mind
It’s obvious that your hectic schedule of the day might have caused stress and anxiety leading neck pain and back pain. Sometimes, these lead to even headaches. It’s important that you take sufficient breaks to relax your body. Also, it is advisable that you undergo a massage session. This helps in relieving muscle spasms and reduces nerves tension.

2. Start with hot and cold compress
Some support to your neck can help your neck muscles heal faster. The neck pillow can help.
Along with a heating pad that induces blood circulation, you relax muscles and nerves. Cold compresses are also helpful in reducing swelling and inflammation.

3. Let’s Get Up To Stretch
Doctors recommend stretching exercises that help induce movement gradually into your stiff neck. It is commonly seen that the neck becomes stiff and you are not able to move your neck sideways. Therefore a systematic stretching exercise helps relieve tense muscles and can help drive away acute pain episodes.

4. No Inactivity Allowed
It is highly advisable to not sit in a position for a long time. A reduced activity for a prolonged time inflicts more damage to the neck. You might be forced to bed for excessive pain. But some movement is necessary to let muscles adapt the recovery track.

5. A Big No To Heavy Activity
Do not try to lift too heavy objects. Switch to a backpack instead of carrying a shoulder bag. This will help in distributing the pressure evenly on the back instead of on the neck alone.

6. Check On The Pain Graph
Keep a check on the neck pain. See if your pain increases with certain movements. Also check if stretching is reducing your pain and not increasing it. If your pain persists for more than a period of 15 days you must consult a physician for more accurate information regarding the root cause of the pain.

Your neck pain seems to be never ending, but fortunately it can be treated with simple adjustments to habits and physical lifestyle. Some ergonomic adjustments to your work table, height of chair, too long working hours, hard pillow etc can be checked and corrected for an even faster healing.

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