Low Back Pain Can Mean Much Deeper Problems If You Have These Symptoms

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Your support system, the spine, needs care and some attention.
Even after multiple remedies, the pain in your lower back persists, you need to think deeper and ponder upon other possibilities. This is the time you should start worrying and consult a doctor to get your pain cured.
What causes lower back pain?
Your routine habits might affect your spine health. Though unintentionally, you are hurting your spine. Basic mechanical disbalance can be corrected with simple stretching exercises and some posture changes

Following are some lower back pain symptoms you should look for

1. Weakness Tingling Numbness
Do you feel tingle or numbness in certain areas in the back? Take note of this, and be sure to convey this to your doctor. Lower back pain causes Numbness or tingling is generally the result of an intervertebral gap or inflamed nerve.
The doctor might recommend some special stretching exercise that gives you relief from the acute pain.

2. Nighttime Pain
In case you feel more severe pain when you lay down, or sit in a certain position, your low back pain is more serious than it looks. Your pain may get worse in the nights. All these signs are important. Some physical examinations are required to know the right problem.

3. Fever
If your body temperature is rising beyond 101 degree fahrenheit along with a severe back pain, call your doctor at once. It may be a symptom of infection in the spine.

4. Unnecessary Weight Loss
An unexplained weight loss can indicate a quick medical attention is required. Your back pain accompanied by weight loss is a sign that there is some underlying problem.

5. Problems With Bladder And Bowel Control
This is an important sign that can help your doctor diagnose the real cause of your back pain. Problems in controlling bowel or urination can be a red flag that your back pain isn’t just the result of bad posture.

6. Pain beyond lower back
Experiencing pain beyond your lower back is a cause of worry. Your pain may extend to one or both legs. Your hips might also go numb for a while. In such cases, see a doctor as soon as possible.

7. Pain doesn’t go away
Pain that is caused due to bad postures may go away in a week or two. You have to check whether your pain is persistent for more than this period. Also, take note whether it shoots down to legs or numbs arms. It can be due to a gap in the disc. Convey all the details to your doctor.

If you experience these symptoms, you should immediately fix an appointment with a doctor. Receive an expert advice so that the cause of low back pain can be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Your severe lower back pain might have frightened you. But staying calm is the best you can do. Follow the instructions of your doctor and get well soon.

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