Neck pain in pregnancy – Causes & prevention

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Neck pain can be a real discomfort and cause of fatigue that restricts you from doing your normal activities during the day. This is commonly associated with bad postures, too much weightlifting and bad sleep. Stiff neck and lack of movement in the neck muscles should be associated with deeper meanings.

Pregnancy And Neck Pain

Neck can also be a sign of pregnancy. Yes, many think these are myths and two non related things. But in reality there are many logical reasons that explain how these two things are interrelated.

Changes going on in the body affect the muscles, joints and nerves. These need to be handled in a professional way to lessen the damage and promotion of a healthy body for a healthy child.

With an increase in body weight, hormonal changes, heartburn etc are some signs of pregnancy. In addition to this, neck pain is a prominent symptom. This neck pain can run through your shoulder and back too.

Hormonal changes
Women undergo many hormonal changes during pregnancy. These can affect your neck, muscle health as a side effect. These are the main causes of other major signs of pregnancy.
Lack of movement
Reduced movement and lack of exercise can lead your body to pain. You should incorporate exercise to adapt the changes in the positive way.
Changes in posture
It is advisable by the doctor to sleep on the left side . excessive pressure on certain muscles and also affect your neck and back.

What To Do To Get Rid Of Neck Pain During Pregnancy?
You can make your shower do the therapy and allow it to take care of your neck pain. Let hot water wash off the area of the pain for 3 to 4 minutes. This will help boost the blood circulation. Switch to cold water for a two fold effect on your neck. Let water run to energize your neck muscles.

Stretch a little
There are a number of exercises that are advised to take on during pregnancy. These exercises let you cope with the changes that your body is going through. Ask your doctor for pregnancy safe workouts and exercises that will help you in being active all day. These help to strengthen muscles, move joints and avoid pain.
You can take up this activity as per your stamina and doctor’s advice. These are generally included in a week’s workout plan by most personal trainers to help get rid of neck pain, back pain and other bodily problems.

Passing Time With A Tennis Ball
You can also use a tennis ball to put pressure on certain points and release pains in the tension areas. Consult your doctor before undertaking such activity.
Massage Therapy
A massage session by a family member or an expert therapist would be a treat for both you and your child. Let your body heal and adopt the changes with less pressure and unwanted pain.

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