Pinching Neck Pain is caused by the common household activity

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Most adults face the common problem of neck stiffness the common neck pain symptoms include, lack of flexibility, numbness in shoulders and arms, radiating pain in the spine or a dull headache.

Neck pain causes include

1. Daily housework can make your neck tired
One should perform housework as a duty. It is imperative to indulge in some housework. It helps cooperation and inculcate independence among the family members. But too much straining in a single day can affect your neck and back badly. Doing strenuous activity very rarely can lead to spasms, inflammation of nerves and even injury. So if you exercise regularly you may not face such problems. But being careful is always necessary.

2. Playing outdoor games with kids can stretch your neck
It can be pretty difficult to say no to your beloved kid. So before you jump into the ground, flex a little. A warm up exercise can prepare your muscles for a physical activity. Also, a hot water bath would relax your body and muscles.

3. Sleeping the wrong way
Your sleep is important and so is the way you sleep. Using too hard a pillow and uneven mattress, can irritate your neck muscles. These strained muscles can cause inflexibility. You would not be able to move your head sideways. This scenario generally leads to uneasiness , ruining your day or two.
The simple solution to this is to indulge in gentle neck exercise for a few days to make the neck good and help muscles behave normally.
Also, change your mattress and grab a flatter pillow to prevent future episodes of neck stiffness.

4. Heavy weight lifting
Too heavy shoulder bags can put unnecessary pressure on your back, shoulder, neck leading to unwanted pain and cramps. When carrying heavy shoulder bags, doctors advise to switch sides to ensure that one side is not always under strain.
Alternatively, you can also use a backpack. It evenly distributes weight on your back and thus exerting less pressure.

5. Bad postures
Your workspace needs to be optimized for a healthy back and neck. Slouching and hunching over the screen would not help in making your work more impressive. Surely that’s your intellectual ability. Keep a check on your posture upright while working at desktops. Exercises for neck pain like cheek push, side rolls etc. can be incorporated. Certain changes in posture can help reduce stress and pain in the neck. It is generally recommended to walk around and have a quick break after a while.

The above activities cannot be completely eliminated from our lives. You can never stop doing housework and not always give excuses of neck pain for not playing with your six year old kid. So it becomes important that you take extra care of your body to prevent damage to your body.

Here are some ways that are super easy to adopt. These neck pain relief habits are magical and can make you fit and help you live a pain free life.

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