Signs That Your Low Back Pain Needs To Be Handled Asap

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Your lower back pain can hinder your ability to perform daily activities. An acute pain that worsens on sitting or lying down can mean much more than we understand. Doctors suggest that your back pain symptoms are a sign that indicates immediate medical warning. Do not ignore such signs and consult a doctor for a quick medical solution. People often resort to home remedies to find a quick relief leading to a damage of an increased level. Before you yourself inflict damage, fix an appointment and get some lab tests done. Get yourself some peace of mind and understand your spine’s call.

1. Extends beyond your lower back
Your back pain should be limited to the lower part above the hips. Is this so? Then there is no reason to worry. It might be just due to a muscle spasm. But if the pain runs down your legs or arms, you should ask for medical help. The arms or legs or hips can also feel numb at times. This is a sign of an underlying problem.

2. High body temperatures
Pain indicates that the part is suffering from an abnormal pressure. It is accompanied by high body temperatures. This is the time you should seek expert opinion. High fever usually does not occur in cases of mechanical error in the spine. It usually suggests a certain kind of infection or swelling internally.

3. Stretching exercises not fruitful
The first remedy that we resort to in case of a back pain is an internet search. It lists a number of exercises that can be performed to fix the errors in the back. Such stretching exercises can be helpful in case your core muscles are weak or stiffness of joints. These exercises can aggravate the damage if the underlying cause is something different. It is recommended to stop such workouts if the lower back pain causes numbness and becomes worse.

4. Sciantia
This is a condition which has its epicentre in the sciatic nerve. It radiates through the lower back to one or both legs, making them weak. Such symptoms need to be attended by a medical practitioner as soon as possible.

5. Other symptoms
Uncontrolled bowel movement, stiffness in joints, restricted movement, muscle sprains, etc are some symptoms that need to be checked. You should convey all these signs to your doctor and let him decide the best course forward.

You have to be cautious while you explain the signs and symptoms to your doctor. Conditions like arthritis, slipped disc, back injury are common underlying problems that cannot be treated at home. A doctor is one who you need to trust. Alongside medications, you need to be careful about your posture while sitting, standing, driving or even sleeping. Moreover, check your diet that should be balanced and rich in calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus. Give your body some time to heal. It’s only a matter of time. You’ll be fit soon!

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