Use this simple movement to relieve low back pain at work

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Lower back pain may be caused by many reasons. This is  a result of unchecked body posture while working or sleeping.

Overuse of your back
If you pressurize your back so much, it will give that pain back one day. Lifting too heavy objects can hurt your spine.

Slouching and discomposed workstation
your workstation says a lot about your back pain problems. Your chair, height of monitor, desk all need to be customized to align your body and work peacefully.

Long hours of non-movement
Do you forget to refresh your body and take a break every few minutes? Long hours of work can strain your back and neck leading to permanent damage. This gives you acute episodes of back pain and disorients from normal life.

Before you make your pain worse, add these simple lower back pain exercises to your daily routine. These can help make your back healthy and fit.

1. Get up and move
Everyone needs a little pampering. And so does your aching back. Don’t hurt it more by staying at a position for a long time. Stand, walk and a few stretches can reactivate your body for further work.
Take a few rounds around the desk, or along the corridor can make you feel better and help loosen up muscles.

2. Reach back

This is a stretching technique in which you interlace your hands and put them behind your back. Straighten your arms and push them against your body. This movement can give lower back pain relief and improve blood circulation. It is very useful as you can perform this stretch sitting in your office chair.

It gives a quick and gentle tap to your shoulders, back and chest. It gets your pectoral muscles working.

3. Rotational stretches

Make this easy stretch exercise a part of your life. It instantly refreshes and activates your stiff back. Keep your hands behind your head and hips relaxed. Sit straight in your chair and give a few rotations a few times on alternating sides.
Just a few rotations along your core can release fatigue and activate you.

4. Chest and neck stretch
Keep your hands behind your head and elbows relaxed, pointing sideways. While sitting in the chair with your spine tall, bend on the sides. Keep your head straight. It can be helpful to activate your spine and neck and muscles around these parts.

5. Seated backbend

The old school exercise to relieve lower back pain helps to freshen up your spine and muscles is back here. This not fancy movement can help relax your lower back from all anxiety and pressure. Sit upright in your chair and place your hands on your back. Make sure your fingers are pointing downwards. Inhale a deep breath. While exhaling turn your head and face the ceiling while your arch your spine forward.

Nothing feels better than a relief from an acute and uneasy pain in the back. These simple exercises for lower back pain can be incorporated in your daily life to avoid further damage to the spine due to professional work.

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