What Neck Pain Can Cause?

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Wondering what happened to your neck in just a few hours? What made your neck so stiff? These questions are very common and are asked by almost 80% of working adults once in their lifetimes. There are very interrelated habits that lead to neck pain. There is no doubt that the world is changing so fast and we are running to adapt to this changing world.

This leads to excessive pressure on the body especially on the neck and back because of long working hours at the office. It also adds to stress and leaves no room for the body to relax. There needs to be some way to let the body deal with this pain and cope with the changing lifestyle.

Pain in the neck and shoulders is not a new phenomenon. But the stiff neck needs to be corrected as soon as possible. This will prevent a long term damage to the neck and neighbouring parts. When not attended to, this neck pain can lead to damage in the head, spine, shoulders and even arms and legs.

Consequences of neck pain

1. Poor coordination of muscles
Your prolonged pain in the neck can result in degeneration in the muscles. The muscles might not stretch to their full potential. This means that there would be a reduced range of movement in the muscles

2. Loss of normal posture of body
Muscle damage means a poor posture and increased uneasiness. Neck is an important supporting part of the head. A poor neck would lead to tension in shoulders, arms and even the back. All these factors lead to a disbalance. It affects the normal posture of the body too.

3. Tension headaches
Headaches that are the result of muscle damage and nerves inflammation leads to a dull pain in the head. If you feel your head being banded tightly along with a tight neck, then there are chances that you have developed a condition called tension headaches. These headaches arise due to the neck muscle damage.

Home remedies you can use to get fast relief
Neck pain can be treated with some simple remedies. There are certain remedies including ice therapy, heat therapy, hydrotherapy, massage, stretching exercises, etc which can contribute to loosening up the neck muscles and improve oxygen supply to taut ligaments. This enables the stressed muscles to get some push to heal. In addition to these remedies, you must take adequate rest and avoid strenuous activities.

If it’s the result of some ligament strain or muscle spasm, it is very easy to make the neck healthy and flexible. However if the cause of stiff neck is different from a simple mechanical defect then, medical care is the best option.

Some other factors along with neck pain need to be checkers from time to time. Signs and symptoms would help your doctor to identify the root cause of your neck pain and advise you the best relief remedy.

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