What neck pain means

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Are you suffering from a neck pain that restricts you from doing your daily work? Is your neck the cause of your increased fatigue and lack of potential to perform daily activities?

You have arrived at the right place. Your neck pain requires an immediate reaction. It needs to be attended to in a quick manner to prevent further damage to the neck itself and damage to other parts. Sometimes your pillow or too much workload in the office may seem the culprit for your neck pai, but not always. Your neck pain can mean a lot of things depending upon your lifestyle, working environment, working hours, eating habits, exercise patterns and many more factors.

You should look for major signs and symptoms that will help your doctor or physician to make out the real cause and the best remedy for your neck pain.

1. Pregnancy
Yes, it’s true, you may be pregnant if you are experiencing pain in your neck. Pregnancy leads to weight gain, internal changes that can put extra pressure on your neck leading to pain and stiffness.
2. Osteoporosis
Wear and tear of muscles in the neck and back are the signs of aging. Osteoporosis is one such condition that arises with growing age. Your neck pain along with pain in knees may be a sign that you have developed osteoporosis.
3. Arthritis
This is the condition involving inflammation of joints.in medical terms, it is known as cervical spondylosis. Arthritis of the neck can cause inflexibility and inability of movement in the neck. You may not be able to move your neck side to side. Also, your neck may feel tender and stiff.

4. Pinched nerve
Your tip of the spinal cord lies in your neck. an inflamed nerve in the spine would give your pain waves in your neck. This condition involves pain in the neck that travels through pain. It may also run through arms, shoulders or legs. Stretching is prohibited in such conditions.

5. Muscle strain
Too much pressure on the muscles of the neck can lead to a stiff neck. This pain can even travel to your shoulders down to your back. It is usually advised to give some rest to your neck muscles to help them heal. You can use a neck pillow for extra comfort.
6. Injury
A sudden jerk to your neck or a shock can cause an injury in the neck. This is medically termed as whiplash. This can also lead to a tight neck causing pain episodes. It is important that you avoid sudden movements in the neck. In addition you may dizzy and experience frequent headaches.

It is advisable to undertake some stretching exercises as recommended by the physician for a prolonged relief. Using passive strategies to cope with neck pain like the OTC medications and reduced activities would only contribute to delaying the effective treatment and furthering internal damage.

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