Where is neck pain in heart attack?

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Neck supports your head and it contributes much to supporting your whole body. The tip of the spine also lies in the neck. Neck pain is surely a very common condition due to many lifestyle changes. But many don’t realise that neck pain can lead to other problems too. It can lead to headaches, back pain etc.

Neck pain is also a sign and symptom of other problems. A pain in the neck might be because of a neck strain, an injury or simply your pillow may be the one to blame.

But if the neck pain persists for more than a period of 3 weeks then a medical advice should be immediately sought. Neck pain can also be a sign of an underlying heart problem. It is important to act fast in the right way to avoid worsening of the condition. The experts say that a right decision at the right time can avoid significant damage.

What is heart attack?
The major causes of this serious condition can be traced to lifestyle habits such as unhealthy diet and smoking. This leads to high cholesterol levels that result in the blocking of arteries. It becomes difficult to supply adequate blood to the heart which results in malfunctioning of the heart muscle.

It involves a kind of referred pain. This means that you might feel a pain elsewhere in the body like in arms, shoulders, jaw etc.

When to call a doctor?
It is very important to seek medical attention if you are experiencing anything that is far from normal. If you have symptoms such as uneasiness in the chest, weakness, vomiting, pale skin, pressure on the chest, difficulty in breathing, then it’s time to see a doctor. You may also feel that pain is extending to your neck, shoulder and arms. You might feel losing control of yourself and feel dizzy.

When is your neck pain not related to the heart?

A bad sleep at night or a strenuous activity can result in a ligament or muscle strain in the neck. Such conditions do not mean that your heart is not healthy. Such myths should never be considered and given due attention. A sore neck can mean that you need to make changes to your sleeping habits. It may be a sign of excessive workload at the office.
Do not confuse your mechanical error in the neck with a serious condition if you don’t have any serious symptoms.

A stiff and sore pain in the neck may stop you from doing your daily tasks. Simple mechanical errors take a day or two to heal. But a persistent condition needs to be handled with care and expert advice. With a few lifestyle changes and a healthy diet, you can save your body from being a victim of a weak heart. It is important that you take good care of yourself..

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