Why Does Neck Pain Occur After Sleeping?

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Are you worried about your stiff neck? Didn’t you sleep nicely last night? Did you wake up with a stiff neck in the morning? The issue of stiff neck arises very often and is a common household problem. It might knock your doors anytime.

A very busy day at work might have rolled you into a deep sleep that you don’t realise the pressure you’re posing on your neck. You might have slipped into an awkward position and forced your neck unknowingly into a discomposure. And the result is an inflexible neck. Now it’s your neck’s turn, to trouble you all day!

Neck pain and stiffness would go in a day or two. But it causes unnecessary pressure and proves to be an obstacle in doing day to day activities.

Some common causes of neck stiffness are as follows.
1. Awkward posture while you are asleep
You may unintentionally sleep in an awkward position. Such unique angles and postures can stress your neck muscles and ligaments. Usually such pressure on the neck for a long period can make muscle tight resulting in neck stiffness.
2. Sudden jerk and pressure on the neck
You may experience a sudden jerk in the neck due to many reasons. Such sudden movements can stress your neck and produce pain.
3. Pre existing injury
your neck might have incurred an injury during a day. This can take a few hours to show adequate signs of injury. Stiff neck the next day or after a few hours may indicate an injury in the neck muscles.

How to fight the neck stiffness?

1. Ice And Heat Hydrotherapy

Ice packs are a magical remedy for your neck pain.. Applying ice packs can prevent swelling of muscles. A heating pad on the other hand can relax your muscles and improve blood circulations. It can help revive muscle movement and regain flexibility.

2. Massage Session

Your chiropractor would be obliged to serve you with a long list of exercises. A few stretches and polite movement in the neck can reverse the damage of a stiff neck. A gentle massage would work wonders for your neck.

3. Take Rest

Pamper yourself with a good sleep and rest. You should avoid doing strenuous activities. More pressure on the neck means more damage. So a day off from work would help your neck and mind relax and heal faster.

Can you prevent neck tightness from happening in the future?

Yes. why not take precautions to avoid slipping into this condition again. Neck pain is really intimidating and it might affect your pain and shoulders too. It is better to incorporate healthy habits so avoid pain episodes in the neck. you need to keep a check on your posture even when you are asleep. Sleep on your back with your head rested and relaxed.

Also, use a comfortable flat pillow that gently aligns your body in a straight line. Ensure you have a good sleep and keep all disturbances away.

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