Why muscle relaxant does not handle the root cause of pain

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Our nervous system is the house of all the power. It controls the whole body functions, intellectual growth and even the emotions. Our mind can be the strongest and the mightiest if we practice. But at the same time dealing with pressure, anxiety and pain should also be practiced. This is termed as pain management. Scientifically speaking, there is less tolerance in humans than they should possess.

What muscle relaxants actually do?

People tend to consume such medications without considering the harm they are doing to their bodies. Also, they fail to realise that these are not acting on the muscle of the joint that is the epicentre of the pain but the nervous system.

1. In the process of its work, it simply blocks the way of nerve signals to the brain.

2. Now the nerve signal does not reach the brain and thus you no longer feel the pain.

It is therefore important to have the knowledge of both the benefits of the muscle relaxants and the side effects they have on our body. The muscle relaxants are merely medically prescribed drugs that stimulate senses and sooth pain for a quick relief. It is advisable to take these only if the pain is unbearable.

What can be the alternative to muscle relaxants?

Moderate pain in neck, back and muscle spasms need to be handled with non drug methods. Such conditions are usually a cause of unhealthy eating, working habits and other lifestyle related issues. A muscle relaxant or a pain killer can only sooth the pain for a fraction of time but does not heal the root cause of it.

You should resort to other non drug methods to get rid of the irritating pain in your neck, back or legs.

● Hot compress
Heating pad is your friend in case of muscle cramps or pain. Heat can fasten the heat process by nourishing your taut muscle with more blood and nutrients.
● Massage
Massage is another form of pampering your body with a soulful experience.
● Cold compress
This helps in reducing swelling and further damage
● Stretching exercises
These gently help to release toxins in tight muscles and gain hold of the muscle.
● Relieve stress and anxiety
Indulge in fun activities like listening to music or any hobby that you like. This would reduce stress and help in fast healing
● Consult doctor
See a doctor to get advice and learn the perfect exercise to treat the root cause of the pain.
There are many issues related to our body that we fail to attend to because of our busy lives. Such ignorance often inflicts more damage and finally pain and fatigue forces us to take this drug based muscle relaxant.

So is it advisable to take measures to heal your neck pain, back pain , muscle spasms, joint pain at a very early phase. This can not only help avoid unwanted pain but also prevent a number of visits to the doctor.

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