Our Mission

Our mission is a simple one:


We know first hand the power of chiropractic, its life changing effects on pain reduction and overall wellness of the body.
This is the first time in history that so many people have so little answers to the ROOT cause of their chronic pain and discomfort.
Medications, stretching, creams and message don’t handle the source of the pain but rather just numb us for minutes or hours.
Looking and feeling your best does not have to come down to costly invasive procedures, but rather right around your corner a board certified body specialist can help reduce neck and back pain naturally at a FRACTION of the cost.
So before you lose all hope – know that we are here for you, to help guide you to an expert doctor in your neighborhood or town who will listen, understand and help you to recover your health for good.
And never forget our Life Effect Guarantee, if you do not have a positive first visit experience we will PAY for 100% of your next visit. Thats how confident we are in our health care partners.

Yours in health
Mike Stanzyk
Director of Clinic Partnerships